The Person behind MillTraj & Liner Design Services

Malcolm Powell is the person behind the MillTraj Software. He has 30 years experience in the mining industry.

Malcolm brings a wealth of experience to the software and the consulting relating to Liner design.

Below is a summary of his experience.

Areas of Expertise

  • Development of Flexible circuits
  • Novel circuit design, especially for energy efficiency.
  • Mechanistic modeling of comminution devices, utilising computational techniques such as DEM. Formulating the Unified Comminution Model.
  • Experimental validation of energy transmission and particle transport in comminution devices, especially with PEPT filming.
  • Optimisation of comminution circuits through sampling and modeling.
  • Mill liner design and its influence on the motion of grinding media, and the selection of liner materials.

Application of research outputs

The research outputs have been applied to improving the operation of a wide range of industrial applications. A summary of areas of application are given below, and some examples of notable industrial improvements arising out of the research are listed in Appendix I.

  • > 50 comminution plant surveys
  • > 35 mill liner designs
  • 20 grate discharge designs
  • 12 comminution plant designs
  • 25 comminution plant optimisations

Publications summary

  • 1 chapter in a book
  • 42 Journal publications
  • 84 full conference proceedings
  • Over 100 conference presentations
  • Over 50 chapters for the collaborative P9 AMIRA research reports
  • Over 60 Research reports since 2002
  • Over 120 application reports delivered to industry since 2001

Prof. Malcolm Powell Director of LDS

Trained in Physics
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Mintek in South Africa MSc & PhD in liner design, mill charge motion, interaction of liner design with energy transfer and milling efficiency.
formed LDS
University of Cape Town Centre for Minerals Research Started & lead: Comminution group MPTech consulting
JK Mineral Research Centre Chair in Sustainable Comminution